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elephant park phuket

Privacy Policy

elephant park phuket

Privacy Policy

The use of any details you provide are for contact or booking purposes only.

We will never sell, rent or share your personal information, including your email addresses and phone numbers with a third party without your prior permission, unless required by law.

If you want to delete your personal information, please contact info@bukitelephantpark.com for request deletion

● The personal data of the customers is required for confirming the
booking with us (the tour company).

● The personal data of the customers will help the staff identify the
customers who will visit our tour program. This is to prevent the

● We will use the hotel and room number information for the purpose
of picking up transportation from and to their hotel or
accommodation that they stay in. The room number is for when we
cannot find the customers at the lobby hotel. We can ask the
reception of the hotel to call the customers to meet the driver only if
we have the room number.

● We need the phone number and email address for contacting the
customers for various reasons such as the changes of the pick up
time, communication with the customers to meet the driver, changes
of the program’s details, and other emergencies that are related to the
tour details.

● For the food preference or exceptions, we need this personal
information for the Elephant Nature program only since we have to
serve dishes to the customers. We have to make sure that the food
ingredients are aligned with the customers’ preference. This includes
allergic food, vegetarian food, meat preference, spicy preference,
and other exceptional food.

● For every customer, we will store the personal data for 5 days after
the customers visit our tour program.

● For customers who have booked ahead of the visit date, we will need
to store the personal data until the date of the customers joining a
tour program to secure the booking. After they visit us, we will
destroy the personal data in 5 days.

● For customers who booked with us and would like to cancel the
booking, we will destroy the personal data after the customers
clearly confirm the cancellation.

● We will keep personal data for 1 month or longer if the
customers did not pay for the full price of the tour program
after joining the tour program with us. We will have to need
their personal data to contact the customers.

● Our customers can contact us via info@bukitelephantpark.com for
sending a request to delete, disclosing, updating the personal data
you store, or inquiring about the privacy policy.

Entities you share the personal data with, now and in the future.
● We do not share the personal data of the customers with any entities
at all. We only need the personal data for the booking at Bukit
Elephant Park. The personal data of the customers are secured with
Bukit Elephant Park only

Cancellation policy / Refund policy

All bookings to our project are accepted only on the basis of the following terms and conditions. You, all the members of your party and Bukit Elephant Park Phuket are bound by these terms and conditions.

You MUST agree to the following declaration shown during the booking process, so we can process your booking.
“I confirm that the above details are correct, and I agree to your Terms and Conditions”

All deposits are made in order to secure places on our booking system and are non-refundable. unless specified otherwise.

1. Cancellation more than 72 hours (3 days) in advance: Full refund

2. Cancellation between 72 and 24 hours (between 3 days and 1 day): 50% refund

3. Cancellation less than 24 hours: No refund For no-show or late arrival at the pick up point: No refund

4.Specialtickets or Promotions are non-refundable