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Our Elephants

At Bukit Elephant Park, we have rescued 6 elephants here.
Let’s get to know them.

bukit elephant park numchok

Num Sook (76 years old)

Num Sook is the oldest elephant in Bukit elephant park. When we first met her she was in a state of supreme body, thin, and tired since she has been spending years hauling timber at a logging camp in Phatthalung province located in the southern part of Thailand. After spending years working hard in the camp, she became weaker which made her a burden to the owner. Num Sook, who at that time underweighted and exhausted, eventually sold to an unethical elephant tourist spot. Working as a trekking elephant worsened her health. She also has no teeth left, so she needs supplementary food to maintain her weight and strength. Though she might be tired because of her past life, she still likes to roam around the sanctuary and enjoy putting mud on herself.


  • Dislikes cold weather and shivers
  • Likes to eat ripe bananas
  • Doesn’t like dogs and dislikes being behind her
num gaew elephant

Num Gaew (58 years old)

Num Gaew originated from Surin province in the eastern part of Thailand. It is the province where most of the elephants around Thailand came from. Like other elephants, Num Gaew used to work in a logging camp by dragging huge timbers, but eventually relocated to Phuket. She was re-trained to give rides to tourists. By working hard, her front left leg developed a severe infected wound. We heard Num Gaew’s condition through our monthly elephants’ veterinarians and were extremely concerned. Finally, we decided to contact her former owner, who was already considering trying to find a new elephant to replace her, and brought her to our sanctuary. Though we learned her wound will not be fully cured, we are trying to keep it in the best condition. She is being cared for and her wound is being treated daily to keep the infection from spreading out.


  • Inert and lazy
  • Eats, moves, and walks slowly
  • Enjoys standing in the water
  • Has a round and small head
elephant park bukit

Malee (45 years old)

Due to the pandemic many safari tours were closed down, that was when we first met Malee. We learned that this 44 years old spent her past life as a logging elephant and eventually became a riding elephant at a tourist spot. However, because of covid-19 situation, the tourist spot began to fall apart. Malee’s previous owner cannot bear their financial burden, so they decided to sell all the elephants they own. Before coming to our sanctuary Malee was kept in a confined space with very little food, and chined most of the time. When she finally relocated to our sanctuary, we hoped she would soon bond with the others; however, she preferred to be left alone. It is common for the elephants who have a tough past life to need time in order to adjust themself to the new environm         ent they are exposed to. Time will heal them physically and mentally, but now we decided to respect her and let her free spirit run free.


  • Friendly, but also very stubborn
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Asia (46 years old)

Asia, our newest members at the sanctuary, was rescued around the same time as Malee during the pandemic. We’re so grateful to have her here with us. While we don’t know much about her past life, we do know that she used to work as a riding elephant. We’re glad that she can now live out her days in a safe and loving environment where she can be free to simply be herself.


  • Likes playing in the water
  • Tallest and largest one in our park
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Chompoo (47 years old)

Chompoo is also one of the three elephants that were rescued along with Asia and Malee. Her past life is no different than most elephants. Originated from Surin, worked in a logging camp, and eventually sold to the tourism industry. Chompoo’s condition was severe when we first met her. She was so thin that we could see the outline of her skeleton. Despite her weakness, she was forced to stand straight by hooks and a long spear. We were horrified by her condition and all the abuse she had to go through, so we immediately decided to take her back to our sanctuary. Chompoo now lives her best life especially in the rainy season, so she can enjoy herself under the rain.


  • Afraid of children and retreats when they are around
  • Has ivory
  • Quite timid
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Lum Poon (46 years old)

After a logging camp in Phang Nga province closed down, Lum Poon was brought to Phuket. She then gave rides to tourists for many years in the tourism industry. Before coming to Phuket, she was chained and kept in confined space with filthy conditions. Little food and water was given to her just to survive. She even showed symptoms of drowsiness, so it is believed that she has been drugged to stay calm and control her wild animal’s aggressiveness. Lam Poon does not like crowds of people, yet she is very friendly, so she became everyone’s favorite in the sanctuary.


  • Has an orange face
  • Cranky and Prefers to be alone 
  • Doesn’t like dogs